Color-Matched Caulking
Color-Matched Caulking in Miami, FL

Is your caulking starting to look worn out, cracked, or discolored? Over time, moisture and everyday wear and tear cause caulk to deteriorate, grow mold and mildew, and crack or chip.
It might seem like replacing your caulking won’t be that hard to do yourself, but without the right tools, products, and expertise, you’d be surprised just how messy, difficult, and time consuming this task can be.

The Groutsmith Miami will completely remove your old caulk and replace it with new, professional-grade caulking that is flawlessly color-matched so that you don’t even notice the caulking is there.

We’ll make sure all the seams and joints around your showers, bathtubs, vanities, sinks, and countertops are completely sealed and color-matched to perfection.

Our professional-grade siliconized acrylic caulks even resist mold and mildew growth so that it looks bright and new for years.

Why Choose The Groutsmith Miami?

At The Groutsmith Miami, we take pride in the work we do. As a locally owned and operated company, we enjoy helping people in our community restore all the tile, grout, and caulk in their homes with our affordable, high-quality services.

The job isn’t complete until you’re 100% satisfied with the quality of our work. Our technicians do everything by hand and pay attention to every last detail. We’re proud to be the no-hassle, no-stress option for tile, grout, and caulk restoration and repair in the greater Miami Dade County area.

  • Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Floor Tile and Grout Repair
  • Floor Tile Re-bonding
  • Shower Tile Floor Repair and Restoration
  • Granite Sealing
  • Tile Floor Anti-Slip Treatment
  • Color-Matched Caulking
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