Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing
Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services in Miami, FL

Tile is an extremely durable, long-lasting flooring material that comes in so many different colors and styles that it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most popular options for flooring in homes throughout the Miami area.

However, to maintain your tile’s beautiful appearance, it’s crucial that it is regularly cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, your floors will start looking dingy, dull, and discolored, and at-home cleaners won’t be able to restore them to their original beauty and luster.

Affordable, High-Quality Services from Local Experts

The Groutsmith Miami expertly cleans and seals tile and grout flooring to restore it to like-new condition and keep it looking bright and vibrant for longer. Our proprietary professional-grade cleaning products are the best out there. Our products are safe for kids and pets while still being highly effective at deep cleaning your tile and grout. We never use harsh acids, steam, or high-pressurized water cleaning that could lead to serious further damage down the road.

After cleaning every inch of your tile and grout flooring so that it shines like new, we’ll apply the sealer of your choice to ensure a long-lasting, durable clean.

You can choose from our Clear Sealer, Color Sealer, or Restoration Sealer to protect your floors from future damage. The Groutsmith’s Color Sealer can seal grout to match any color you want, and no other product on the market even comes close to its effectiveness. Our Clear and Color Sealers are guaranteed for one year, and our Restoration Sealer is guaranteed for ten years.

Why Choose The Groutsmith Miami?

The Groutsmith Miami is a locally owned and operated company, and we care about helping our neighbors clean and protect all the tile and grout in their homes. Our team of friendly, professional tile and grout cleaning experts do all of our work by hand and take the time to do the job right.

We pay attention to the details and thoroughly clean every inch of your flooring. The Groutsmith Miami is all about long-lasting results and affordable, high-quality services. The job’s not done until you’re 100% satisfied with our work.

  • Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Floor Tile and Grout Repair
  • Floor Tile Re-bonding
  • Shower Tile Floor Repair and Restoration
  • Granite Sealing
  • Tile Floor Anti-Slip Treatment
  • Color-Matched Caulking
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