Gutter Installation
Lone Star’s five-year workmanship warranty

Your home’s roofing system is incomplete without a high-performance gutter system. Lone Star Roofing and Gutters provides Round Rock homeowners with the area’s best gutter installation services.

Alongside the structure itself, your roof is one of the two most important parts of your home. The foundation is what keeps your home standing and your family protected. Meanwhile, your home’s roofing system protects the inside of your home by keeping weather, debris, and unwanted pests from getting in. What you might not know, though, is that your roofing system can’t function properly without good gutters.

We all know what gutters are, but you may not know how they work. In simple terms, gutters keep your roof from being damaged by excess water. On a roof with sloped angles, water should flow down the sides. Properly installed gutters will collect that water and let it drain away from your home. Without gutters, or with badly installed gutters, water collects near the base of your home. Over time, that leads to the weakening of your home’s foundation. Without a strong structure, your home will become unsafe.

Lone Star Roofing and Gutters specializes in the installation of seamless gutters. Not only are seamless gutters more aesthetically pleasing; they’re also much more functional than gutters with seams. Today’s seamless gutters are much sturdier than older gutters, which are prone to leaks. Our seamless gutters don’t drip or leak, so they’re sure to keep your home’s structure well protected.


We recommend that you inspect your seamless gutters once a year. Inspecting them yourself is simple! First, on a clear day, walk around your property to check that the gutters are intact. Keep an eye out for cracks or other instability. Then, on a rainy day, check again to make sure that the rainwater is flowing through and out of the downspouts. The water shouldn’t pool or puddle at the base. If you see anything that concerns you, give us a call. We’ll come by to inspect both the gutters and the roof.

Lone Star’s five-year workmanship warranty

All of our gutter installations are backed by Lone Star’s five-year workmanship warranty. We’re proud of the quality of our work, and we’re committed to getting the job done right the first time. All of our estimates are accurate and fair, and we’ll make sure that you have the information you need to make the best choice for your home before we move forward. Our number one priority is to earn your satisfaction and win your trust.

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