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The Groutsmith Miami takes old, dingy, damaged grout and tile and restores them to their original beauty using safe, effective products and techniques. No one wants to waste their time and money on services that don’t last. Our technicians will clean, restore, and seal every inch of your tile and grout by hand so that it looks bright and beautiful for longer. We can’t wait to show you how we can transform all the tile and grout in your home!

"Professional from start to finish. The Groutsmith is the best service company I’ve ever had in my home."
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About Us

The Groutsmith Miami is a locally owned and operated company who proudly serves homes and businesses in the Miami-Dade County area. Jeff and Sandy Yagoda started The Groutsmith Miami because they were looking for quality grout and tile restoration services but kept finding that your average handyman service left them with results that didn’t last or led to even more damage down the line.

After combing through reviews of multiple grout restoration companies, they came across The Groutsmith. The customer reviews spoke for themselves, and Jeff and Sandy knew they’d found the right company. The only problem? The Groutsmith didn’t have a location in Miami! Jeff and Sandy decided to fix that. They opened The Groutsmith Miami and are proud to offer their neighbors a better, longer lasting option for tile and grout restoration and repair.

Why Choose The Groutsmith Miami?

The Groutsmith Miami is all about high-quality, efficient, affordable grout and tile cleaning services that leave you with long-lasting results. Unlike other grout and tile restoration companies, The Groutsmith Miami doesn’t rely on harsh acids, steam, or high-pressurized water cleaning to restore your grout and tile.

These common cleaning practices will make your floors look clean for a while but will likely cause even more damage and discoloration in the future. Who wants to waste money on services that don’t last? The Groutsmith Miami uses our own proprietary cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your pets, and your tile and grout. We’ll keep your floors and showers looking pristine for longer than our competitors.

As a locally owned and operated Miami business, we know how important it is to make sure every customer in our community is 100% happy with our work. Our fully licensed and bonded team does everything by hand, and we take the time to make sure we fully clean and restore every inch of your tile and grout. Our services are affordable, efficient, and hassle-free. The Groutsmith has become an industry leader for a reason – we don’t consider a job done until you’re completely satisfied with our work. That’s The Groutsmith guarantee!

We don’t consider a job done until you’re completely satisfied with our work.
That’s The Groutsmith guarantee!

Floor Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Our team will restore your tile and grout to like-new condition using our exclusive line of professional cleaning products. Once we have your tile and grout looking pristine, we will apply our Clear Sealer, Color Sealer, or Restoration Sealer. We’re all about long-lasting results – our Clear and Color Sealers are guaranteed for one year, and our Restoration Sealer is guaranteed for ten years.

Shower Tile Floor Repair and Restoration

Our shower repair and restoration services include comprehensive cleaning, grout repair, grout sealing, color restoration, color-matched caulking, and complete grout removal and replacement. Our technicians conduct expert evaluations of your shower’s condition and will recommend the work you need to repair and restore it to its original condition – we’ll never pressure you into buying extra services you don’t need.

Floor Tile and Grout Repair

Tile and grout will inevitably start showing signs of damage or everyday wear and tear over the years, and The Groutsmith Miami can repair your floors so that they look like new again. We’re grout and tile experts, and our technicians know how to repair and replace tile and grout to allow for maximum flexibility so that naturally occurring expansion and contraction doesn’t continue to damage your floors.
The Groutsmith Miami offers a range of other expert home services:
  • Floor Tile Re-bonding
  • Granite Sealing
  • Tile Floor Anti-Slip Treatment
  • Color-Matched Caulking
"Unbelievable - the loose tile floors in my living room are solid once again. Thank you again Groutsmith."

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